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Internet Map

Jun 15, 2008


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All Our Ideas

Aug 23, 2009

E-Bay Bid Profiling

Apr 16, 2008

Philosophy of Law

Feb 20, 2008

LCMS Data Analysis

Jan 22, 2008

ORTS AI Competition

Jul 11, 2007

Darwin's Cathedral

Apr 19, 2007

HIV Antigen Research

Aug 16, 2006


I am very interested in a number of different areas, including data mining, data visualization, biological modeling, and machine learning. I have done research in areas ranging from wetlab biology to massive online datascraping, and a great many projects in between.

The projects listed at left are a sampling of the work I've completed recently. This list is by no means exhaustive, by which I mean to say it is not a comprehensive listing of all my projects and not to say that it may not exhaust you as the latter really depends on whether or not your personal interests align with my own. I am hoping they do, for both our sakes.